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"Oopsie" paperbacks are exactly as they sound: imperfect paperbacks with minor errors. Such as, oopsie, we made a mistake! Or oopsie, the book was damaged when it was shipped to us! ​All Oopsie paperbacks are discounted to $5 plus the price of shipping. 

There are two kinds of Oopsie signed paperbacks:
  • Scratch & Dent: These are books that have cosmetic issues such as tears, dents, and scratches to the cover/spine/pages. The damage is minor and won't affect readability.
  • Personalization Error: These are books that we signed with the wrong name, misspelled words, or made a general error when trying to personalize the book.

We cannot guarantee which kind of paperback you will receive when you order an Oopsie signed paperback. Therefore, you could receive a scratch & dent AND/OR a personalization error copy.  If you receive a personalization error paperback, the incorrect name will be crossed out and yours will be included beside it.

Starting August 10th, 2020 - All Oopsie Signed Paperbacks will only include a bookmark for swag if available (not guaranteed). Additional swag (like stickers, etc. that are sometimes included in full-priced signed paperbacks) will NOT be included with the Oopsie Signed Paperbacks.

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