OOPSIE Signed Paperback - Kiss the Sky (Special Edition) (SIGNATURES ONLY)

OOPSIE Signed Paperback - Kiss the Sky (Special Edition) (SIGNATURES ONLY)

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OOPSIE Signed Paperback of Kiss the Sky (Special Edition)

Signed with Krista's & Becca's signatures only. 

This paperback does NOT include personalization or character notes. 

Edition Notes: This paperback is the special edition of Kiss the Sky (cover is as pictured).

  • Special editions include an exclusive bonus scene in the back
  • Bonus scene in Kiss the Sky: Connor & Rose in Bora Bora


By purchasing this OOPSIE paperback, you recognize that you will be receiving either a Scratch & Dent and/or a Personalization Error paperback, and we cannot guarantee which you will receive.

  • ​ Scratch & Dent: These are books that have cosmetic issues such as tears, dents, and scratches to the cover/spine/pages. The damage is minor and won't affect readability.
  • Personalization Error: These are books that we signed with the wrong name, misspelled words, or made a general error when trying to personalize the book.

If you receive a personalization error paperback, the incorrect name will be crossed out and yours will be included beside it.


If you would like signatures only, please write in "signatures only" in the name for personalization box.