When will the store be restocked? 

The last full restock was August 21st. The store will be restocked periodically with smaller restocks and limited quantities until the end of the year.


How can I receive an alert of the store restock? 

We will only alert people for FULL store restocks. No notifications will go out for smaller restocks with limited quantities. So just check back into the store and you might find the title you're looking for! 

The first people who are alerted of a FULL store restock are our patrons on Patreon. The $1 and $5 tier members receive store updates immediately when the store is restocked. You can learn more about becoming a patron here: https://www.patreon.com/kbritchie

We will also be sending out alerts via the store newsletter (this is not our author newsletter!) You can sign up for the store newsletter at the bottom of this page. After signing up, you'll receive an email to confirm your email address. We'll be sending out these restock alert emails after we alert our Patreon, so depending on demand some titles might sell out before you receive the newsletter email.


What are character notes? And can I order them? 

Character notes are notes from the book characters that are written to the reader on the second "blank" page of the paperback. They're fun little things that used to be a "secret menu" item that readers could request in their orders. The secret became a not-so-secret anymore, and since more readers have been requesting them, they've become very time consuming for us to do. Starting in 2022, we'll only be including character notes upon request for new releases. And we'll only be writing notes from POV characters.


So which character notes can I request? 

You can currently only request character notes for: 

MISFITS LIKE US - Luna & Donnelly

BAD REPUTATION (paperback/hardcover) - Garrison & Willow

LOVE & OTHER CURSED THINGS (paperback/hardcover) - October & Zoey


Are character notes automatically included in an order? 

No. They must be requested. We're essentially writing in your book, so not all readers like this.


How do I request character notes? 

Please put in the comments/notes box at checkout "character notes" or include "character notes" after your name in the name for personalization box.


Are character notes free? 



Wait! I didn't know about character notes, and I forgot to request them. Can I ship my book back to you to get character notes? 

No. We don't offer this. You must request the notes before you check out. If your book hasn't been shipped yet, you can email us at kbr.authorstore@gmail.com and we might be able to include the character notes in your books if they haven't been packaged yet. 


I have something specific I'd like the character to say in my character note. Can I request this? 

No. Unfortunately, we can't accommodate these kinds of requests. But if you'd like a birthday message, please let us know! The characters are always happy to wish you or your friend happy birthday :) (Note: birthday messages from characters are still considered character notes and can only be included in new releases)


I have a question that isn't on this page. Where can I ask? 

Please direct all your questions about the store or your order to kbr.authorstore@gmail.com. Thank you so much!